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Monday, September 30, 2013

So touched...

Assalamualaikum..Alhamdulilah thank you Allah for the good life, for the sweet n wonderful people around me, who have always encourage me n pray for me 

Last week pergi tengok rumah dgn abang dan family be honest, I'm so touched by ur efforts abg..InsyaAllah, Allah will ease our journey...Alhamdulilah..Now starting untuk beli ape yang patut..abang was so excited last night..looking and googling for curtains and paint for wall..and I said, abang be calm..kite beli ape yang penting dulu..(of cause I mean mesin basuh, peti sejuk and alatan untuk memasak haha).I'm so happy for u..mak abah got no prob with that house..cantik katenye..dekat dgn rumah mak abah dan bakal rumah mertuaku hehehe...I do encourage him to buy a house selepas memikirkan harga rumah naik mencanak-canak..finally, this is ours :)

Rumah baru..rezeki org nak kawen

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