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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1st May 2012,a silent and whisper meet up

1st's a labour day and of course lah kan public cuti yang ada ni boleh la santai-santai dan buat free activities hehe..Macam harini, actually it wasn't a perfect and detailed plan to meet him. Setelah di consider the offers so rasanya harini boleh la kot nak jumpa. Few years back was a day I met my ex and lepas tu dah takde. So it kinda a very weird feeling. I don't talk too much except for sengih2 like kerang busuk haha..Actually this is the third meet up. Two times with my parents and this time I convinced my mom to met him alone..and Alhamdulilah mak allow us to meet but "don't go too far" haha..ok mak

Seems dia masih tak biasa dengan jalan nak ke rumah, I don't hope too much yang dia akan berjaya jemput aku di rumah sewa ni hehe. But then I told myself, if dia ikhlas nak jumpa, may Allah allow him to come and perjalanan dia dipermudahkan. After solat Zohor dia call and nearly arrived. As usual, aku memang ada problem if nak bagi direction haha..but thanks to Kak hajar because I pass my phone to her and dia yang tolong bagi direction. How bad lah aku ni haha..

We went to Alamanda, the nearest place after The Mines and Jusco haha..makan-makan and teman beliau beli kasut but then lastly beli porch bag haha..round-round( actually tersesat dlm Putrajaya, haishh) haha. dia bawak tgk track drift and hv some chitchat.As usual aku banyak diam.Damn haha..And now he's on the way back to Ipoh. May Allah bless your journey..aaminnn:)

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